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If you smoke, there's a reason to quit and smile: A New Year's resolution to cease smoking can lower your risk of lung cancer by more than 20%!
Pumpkin, yams, and squash are not just for the holidays! Eat more than 1/4 cup daily to reduce your risk of malignant melanoma, the skin cancer that kills.
Know a moody college kid? 8 servings of fruit or veggies a day can improve their mood and attitude!
Cycle towards cheerfulness-pedaling just 15 minutes a day can boost your mood.
Stick to your body's natural rhythm and don't burn midnight oil. Melatonin, which blocks cancer growth, is produced at night when we sleep.
Another reason to savor the flavor: your coffee habit protects you from Parkinson's. Reap the benefits with 3 cups a day!
Not feeling like yourself today? Sleep deprivation actually alters the behavior of your genes. Don't go for a week without enough sleep!
Try to eat one ounce of nuts (about a shot glass full) every single day.

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