Do iT Yourself Health RevolutionSM

Healthcare must be fundamentally transformed if it is to have a chance of reaching the majority of the world's population.

Can the control of healthcare be shifted from sickness to wellness? From expensive and inaccessible to affordable and easily accessible? From national governments to individuals? What will be the catalysts that kickstart the expected revolution in healthcare? The convergence of knowledge, mobile technology, and individual users now makes the extraordinary possible. And the unsustainability of conventional healthcare, the growing burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and the omnipresent threat of global pandemics bring the world to a tipping point.

Do iT Yourself Health Revolution will allow a holistic integration of high and low tech, futuristic and traditional, and the personal and the social. It allows users of mobile technology to access and contribute knowledge for decision making that impacts health, wellness, and prevention. Users are empowered to create personal health ecosystems that connect with big data resources. When guided by an intelligent, open-minded approach that embraces all evidence-based health information regardless of geographic, cultural, or historical origins, individual users will not only maintain their own health, but their data can create the structure for a one world health system.


The Do iT Yourself Health Revolution puts you, the individual, firmly at the top, in control of your own health care, and will equip you with a mobile toolbox that allows you to:

Inform yourself – access a well of wellness of all evidence-based health knowledge, experience, and advice.

Monitor yourself - measure and assess health-related performance parameters daily (including diet, exercise, rest, mood, and physiological metrics) using quantified self tools.

Grow it yourself – cultivate fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other plants for affordable cures and dietary prevention.

Care for yourself – develop, using all existing data, an individualized lifestyle and wellness program that enables you to deal with all your health issues.

The Do iT Yourself Health Revolution promotes pragmatic actions supported by modern research to foster individual health, easily extended to your family and community:


Many bioactive components present in vegetables, fruits, grain, nuts, and plant oils influence the body’s self-defense systems such as angiogenesis, immunity, and anti-inflammation. Ongoing scientific, clinical, and public health research also brings modern credence to some traditional remedies, such as chicken soup, tea, honey, citrus, turmeric, apples, among others.

Regular physical activity in many forms activates biochemical pathways in the body that protect against cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, and other non-communicable diseases. These help explain the benefits of cultural practices, such as tai chi, dance, running, and other activities.

Restorative sleep maintains wellness with benefits including reduced risk for cancer, cardiovascular, diabetes, obesity, and other disease conditions. Good sleep, which can be cultivated, measured, and monitored, is increasingly vital in an accelerating and turbulent world.
Emotional and behavioural solutions

Laughter and humour resist and prevent stress and depression, factors that lower immunity, vascular health, and disease resistance. Research now clearly connects emotional, mental, and physical wellness, supporting the benefits of other calming practices, such as meditation, tickling and yoga.
The Payoff of the Do iT Yourself Health Revolution is Health Wealth. We believe people are more likely to take responsibility for their wellness if they have precise and immediate feedback and a frame of reference, which we propose would use the metaphor of wealth. Users might even be incentivized to invest in wellness through an innovative virtual wellness currency.

Connected individuals can participate in the collective health "hive" eco-system by contributing their own knowledge to an open-source system of pooled data, experience, observations, anecdotes, and expertise. Connected properly together, individual users will have the power to create a truly transformative personal healthcare program and a truly democratic one world health system.